SAS Fortune Fund

The SAS Fortune Fund is an open-ended mutual fund that seeks medium to long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of listed and unlisted equity and debt securities.


What is Mutual Fund?

SAS Fortune Fund is a fund that invests in a diversified portfolio of securities. Each share of a mutual fund represents stake in several securities. These securities include short and long-term equity, debt and government securities as well as other financial instruments.


Individuals, institutions with provident funds and pension funds, Social and investment clubs or Organizations like churches and schools can invest in the SAS Fortune Fund


There is no charge for joining the SAS Fortune Fund. However since the SAS Fortune Fund is a growth fund, an exit fee ranging between 1% and 3% is charged on the value of investment if an investor leaves the fund within the first 3 years.


Professional Investment Management

The SAS Fortune Fund is professionally managed to achieve its capital growth objective. The capital growth seeking investor is, thus, relieved of the hassle of managing the investment.



Through the fund, investors buy into a fully diversified portfolio of securities. This reduces the risk associated with investing.



With a single purchase an investor buys numerous securities and owns shares in various companies. It is also easy to keep track of your money as you receive regular statements and financial reports.


Quick access to your money

You can redeem your investment at anytime, and usually receive your money within 4 working days.


The SAS Fortune Fund invests for growth in the total value of its assets. As the fund grows, the value of an investors’ shares in the investment also grows. The return is an appreciation in the value of your investment. The value of your investment can however fall. This is because the value depends partially on the prices of equities the fund invest in.


The main risks of this fund are equity price and interest rate risk. However, the Fortune Fund minimizes risk by investing in a professionally managed diversified portfolio; with the objective of providing higher returns associated with the risks.


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