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GSE Trading Results

SPL Releases Full Year Results
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For the year ended December 31, 2006, Starwin Products Ltd’s (SPL’s) turnover increased by 14.65% to ¢18,963 million over a year ago. The company’s cost of sales increased by 34.10% to ¢8,262 million resulting in a 3.10% increase in gross profit.. General administrative and selling expenses of SPL increased by 12.53% to ¢8,967 million resulting in a decrease of 20.68% in operating profit to ¢1,931 million. SPL recorded a net interest expense of ¢56 million compared to a net interest income of ¢605 million in 2005. This contributed to the 39.27% fall in net profit to ¢1,406 million over a year ago.

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